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    We are looking for brand ambassadors that are passionate about Pacific NorthWest Lifestyle clothing and live the Pacific Northwest and outdoor lifestyle. 

    This is a flexible and simple job, which you can do at times that suit you, while being rewarded with great threads from Pacific NorthWest Lifestyle, significant discounts for our store and invaluable experience as part of our team. 

    Ambassadors will represent our core values and mission and seek to share their experiences and skills with our local community.


    What is an Ambassador?

    As a Brand Ambassador, you must be a strong leader within your community, excited about the Pacific Northwest, the outdoors and fashion.

    You will inspire your peers and social media audiences in a positive manner and create memorable moments that will last with Pacific NorthWest Lifestyle customers and community members.


    What would I do as an Ambassador? 

    As a Pacific NorthWest Lifestyle Ambassador you will promote our brands and spirit throughout your community Social Media, especially your Instagram account. Providing us with photos and videos of you wearing our products in every aspect of your life. We want you to share your inspirations and enthusiasm with our growing and like-minded community and use our hashtags #pacificnorthwestlifestyle #pwnlifestyle in your posts.


    If you are selected to be part of the program, you will receive Your Pacific NorthWest Ambassador Guide with the do's and the don'ts and the qualities of a Brand Ambassador. 


    What would I receive as an Ambassador? 

    In return for your support we will do everything in our power to promote and support you as our ambassador! This will include our efforts to help you grow and promote you as an influential leader in the community. But also, as a Pacific NorthWest Lifestyle Ambassador, you will receive special "thank you" gifts for your hard work and dedication to the brand throughout your reign, including pnw clothing and swag! There will be so many other amazing and unique opportunities throughout the duration of the program that will be available to only YOU!

    To learn more about what you could receive as an Ambassador, please read our Ambassador Booklet we put together with the details. 

    How Do I Apply?

    1. You must follow Pacific NorthWest Lifestyle on Instagram and Facebook and be subscribed to our email newsletters. 
    2. You must have a minimum of 1000 followers with an active community, quality photo's and good post engagement.
    3. Make a thorough study of our Ambassador Booklet
    4. Fill out our Online Ambassador Application 
    5. We'll be in touch in 1-2 weeks with the next steps if you are selected as brand ambassador.